Acid Baby Jesus

Mediterranean psych-rock from Athens, Greece
Wednesday, 4 November 2015 8:00PM at 03-16 Lucky Plaza

Other Sounds is proud to present Mediterranean psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll band Acid Baby Jesus live in Singapore this November!

The band will feature in the second instalment of Other Sounds’ brand new three-part series of shows titled Sleepwalker, taking place on 11 October, 4 November, and 4 December.

“If the ancient Greeks had invented psych-rock up there on Mount Olympus, the gods would’ve found this stuff pretty far out.”Slug Magazine

Representing the primitivism of Athens, Greece, steadily fornicating with the modern humps of the most ancient civilizations hitherto, Acid Baby Jesus are a truly sinister force of deep Mediterranean psych-rock.

The band’s latest album Selected Recordings was formulated on a secluded island in the Mediterranean sea, populated by a(n) (r)evolutionary cast of travelers. Conventional in their basic rock ’n’ roll foundation, the tracks are steeped in layers of organ, Jew’s harp, bongos, gongs, and a nice assortment of other instruments of the onomatopoeic persuasion.

This use of eclectic instruments and minimal lyrics packed with mythical and literary allusion create an atmospheric sound that is authentic to Acid Baby Jesus, who manage to avoid the echo box and lava lamp cliches of the brand of “psych” that is omnipresent on the scene today.

True psychedelia abounds at an Acid Baby Jesus show. Do not miss your chance to experience them live, alongside Melbourne garage band The Shabbab.

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Sorry! This show is over, tickets are no longer available.

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