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Outer Sounds: July Jambs

Every month, we’re going to share ‘Outer Sounds’, a playlist with everything the team has been listening to lately — new releases, throwbacks, our current obsessions, and tracks we’ve been playing on repeat — which we hope will introduce you to some new, exciting music.

This month’s playlist has been particularly inspired by my recent trip to Levitation — or, ‘Austin Psych Fest’ as it was previously known (I don’t think this new name is ever going to catch on for me) —  a pilgrimage of sorts that I try to make every year.

I’ve included a couple of the bands I saw at the festival, some of them completely new to me until I saw them live, and some songs the DJs played in between sets (yep, it’s Psych Fest, of course they had someone spinning vinyl in between sets at the main stage (called the ‘Reverberation Stage’)).

Isn’t it such a different experience seeing a band live before listening to their recordings? That moment when you hear the music and know immediately that you’re a fan — it’s hard to describe, but it feels like you’ve just found exactly what you’d been looking for for a long time, and you ask yourself how you hadn’t already heard it before.

I love that feeling. So, here are our July Jambs. Let us know what you think on Twitter @othersounds #outersounds and follow us on Spotify!

– Mel