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New music from Tonstartssbandht: “Hanoi”

As well as the shows we present in Singapore, Other Sounds also books bands in the region, putting together tours through Asia, including Tonstartssbandht’s massive Large Baby Tour last year.

The angelic White brothers recorded every set on the tour — this has become standard practice for Andy — and they released Hanoi this week as a limited edition of 100 yellow tour cassettes for their Exarchatus Ravennatis US Tour through July.

This follows the release of last year’s Overseas, another live album recorded by Andy while on tour through Europe (in cities we can’t even pronounce) in 2013.

What makes Hanoi special is that it is a recording of their full set from start to finish. And it really is fantastic, all 45 minutes of it — we especially love the cover of ‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’ — and we feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been a part of it in some way.

Listen to Hanoi here:

– Mel