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Girls’ Christopher Owens to release solo material

Former Girls frontman Christopher Owens has just announced plans to release his first solo album since leaving the band earlier this year.

He has kept to his word that he would continue to make music, and after a stint modelling for high fashion label Saint Laurent, he is back with a new album titled Lysandre due for release in January 2013 via Turnstile.

Judging by the first two songs from the album, Owens’ solo material will be a lot more delicately arranged than his previous efforts with Girls, sweetly ornamented with melodic guitars and a soft woodwind instrument.

He has roped in friends and lovers to feature on the record, including Girls keyboardist Matthew Kallman and girlfriend Hannah Hunt of Dominant Legs. Ryan McGinley, who also recently shot Bat For Lashes’ The Haunted Man artwork, also did the cover for Lysandre.

The album is a tribute to the time he has spent touring, and in particular, a girl he met in France in 2008, Lysandre herself. Owens has described Lysandre as “A coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story… it could easily be mistaken as an album about a love affair. But it’s much more than that.”


01 Lysandre’s Theme
02 Here We Go
03 New York City
04 A Broken Heart
05 Here We Go Again
06 Riviera Rock
07 Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener
08 Lysandre
09 Everywhere You Knew
10 Closing Theme
11 Part Of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)

Listen to the first single ‘Hear We Go’ here: